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Tenga Cool Original Vacuum Cup

Tenga Cool Original Vacuum Cup
Tenga Cool Original Vacuum Cup Tenga Cool Original Vacuum Cup
Tenga Vacuum Controller Add Tenga Vacuum Controller $89.99

Slip your cock into refreshing softness and suction!

Beat the Heat with COOL TENGA! COOL TENGA CUPs feature a cooling menthol-infused lubricant that send a soothing, cool stimulation upon insertion! With its hourglass shape and special valves, the Original Vacuum CUP delivers amazing suction and stimulation from unique internal details. To create a strong internal vacuum, simply remove the sticker at the top of the cup before use and cover with your finger while using.

Tenga Cool Original Vacuum Cup specifications:

  • Measurements: 2.7 inches wide and 6.1 inches tall.
  • Material: TPE, PE.
  • One-Time Use Recommended.


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