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Strict Leather Straight Leg Binders

Strict Leather Straight Leg Binders

Don't even let him bend his knees without your permission!

Made of thick stiff leather and secured with a half dozen locking buckles each, these Straight Leg Binders will lock your sub's legs straight. With the bottom strap you can even lock them onto his boots. This will make it nearly impossible to sit and complicated to walk around. If he wants to reach his boot laces he's going to have to really work on his flexibility.

Strict Leather Straight Leg Binders Specs and Benefits:

  • Approximate Measurements: Top strap (1st) adjusts from 17"-21" around; 2nd strap from 16"-19.75", 3rd strap 14.75"-18.5", 4th strap from 13.25"-17", and bottom (5th) strap from 12.5"-16"; foot strap adjusts from 6.25"-13.5" around
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Black
  • D-rings on back of leg binders at both top and bottom
  • Six locking buckle closures on each leg binder
  • Can be used with or without locks
  • locks sold separately


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