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Strict Leather Premium Floggers

Strict Leather Premium Floggers
Strict Leather Premium Floggers Strict Leather Premium Floggers
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These leather floggers are an excellent value. The tails are made of quality leather and have a slightly more intense feel that the Deerskin version, which are extremely soft. The 35 tails are expertly finished and have angled tips. The long lashes provide a "deep" and smooth delivery. This flogger is capable of achieving gentle caresses as well as whopping thuds. The wooden handle is covered with cowhide braided in a tight Herringbone pattern ending in black turk's head-style knobs.

This flogger is weighted and balanced right behind the tail end knot. All floggers are individually weighted with lead shot so that the tails are balanced and the flogger is smooth in its motion. The hanging loop is permanently bonded inside the handle . The base for the top knot, as well as the tails are permanently attached to the handle and will not come off like many other floggers that are simply glued on. This is a well made, sturdy flogger that will give you years of use and enjoyment.


  • 10 inch handle
  • 18 inch tails
  • 6 inch round braided leather wrist loop
  • The lashes are 1/2 inch wide


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Nice flogger and my boy reacted to the pain nicely, making a most enjoyable long session-- small enough to get any part of the testicles, and also made him very obedient. Good for "little brother" he brought over--
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