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Strict Leather Locking Anal Plug Harness
Strict Leather Locking Anal Plug Harness
Strict Leather Locking Anal Plug Harness Strict Leather Locking Anal Plug Harness

By popular demand we now carry this new locking butt plug belt. What makes this device unique is it incorporates locking buckles and a fixed Steel Cock Ring. That means that without the key you are trapped and plugged in this devious belt. It has a built-in "plug pouch" to fit most average sized butt plugs or dildos and a 2 inch nickel-plated cock-ring in the front. The belt has two locking buckles on each side and a locking buckle in the back. Belt fits most men with 29 - 40 inch waists. Can also be used without locks.

Harness takes 3 small padlocks. The soft, high quality leather construction makes this harness comfortable for long term wear.

For those wanting to make sure their boy is plugged and secured then this is it!

Note: Padlocks and plug not included.


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The proportions are just a little off
One of my favorite toys/garments
By LockedFFun.
I'd actually been looking for a locking harness like this when I found this one. I found several similar ones but this is the only locking one I found. I don't know what's better the physical sensation of having this locked on or the psychological sensation. Having a plug strapped in your hole is great; but having it LOCKED in and knowing that the harness is staying locked until the person with the keys decides to unlock it is even better. The harness can be locked on and worn discreetly under jeans. Alternatively the waistband of the harness can be pulled up a bit so that it shows above the waistband of your jeans for those times when you want it to be seen – like in a leather bar or at a play party. Buyers should be aware that the harness is not 100% secure. No harness of this type can be. Though it's impossible to take the harness off without unlocking it first it is possible to pull the ass strap aside and remove the plug. But that shouldn't matter. If your Sir/Master/Mistress/etc. has locked this on you you have no business messing with it. My only complaint is that the proportions are just a little off. For example the strap between the cock ring on the waistband in the front would be better if it was about half the length. I ended up getting out my leatherworking tools and making a couple of modifications like that. I also swapped out the cock ring for one appreciably larger so that the harness could be put onwhile wearing a chastity device without having to unlock and remove the CD.
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