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Strict Leather Bullhide Flogger
Strict Leather Bullhide Flogger

This Bullhide flogger is one of the staff favorites. We love its heavy feel and intense sting!

Bullhide is a thick, heavy, supple leather with a prominent grain. This Bull Flogger is perfect for the heavy thud enthusiast...and these hefty tails will definitely encourage respect from even the most seasoned submissive. Tails are approx. 18 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. This is a beautiful Herringbone design and flat loop. The handle is 9.5 inches long and the grip area is 6 inches long. Tails are all black while the handle is red and black.

Flogging connoisseurs may recognize the work of Tina T. Years of experience go into Tina T's fine floggers. This flogger is weighted and balanced right behind the tail end knot. All floggers are individually weighted with lead shot so that the tails are balanced and the flogger is smooth in its motion. The hanging loop is permanently bonded inside the handle. The base for the top knot, as well as the tails are permanently attached to the handle and will not come off like many other floggers that are simply glued on. This is a well-made, sturdy flogger that will give you years of use and enjoyment.