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Silicone LuvBalls

Silicone LuvBalls

Anal Insertable LuvBalls

These silicone anal insertable balls are a blast. Small metal balls inside the larger balls are equipped with quiet independent vibrators that are activated by movement. That means after these are inserted, you will enjoy the vibrations in your ass with every step, turn, or sudden motion. The vibrators are so quiet that if you dare, you can venture out into the world without anyone else knowing they are on but you. (Although some people may notice a smile on your face.)

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By David Sh.
The copy that states "vibrators" is a lie. There is nothing to "activate" and it is simply the movement of the smaller ball inside the larger ball that moves...which is imperceptible. I will never make a purchase from this company again.
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By Don Alan.
Previous critical reviews are somewhat correct. This product is not a vibrator in the common definition. The copy is slightly misleading but does use the words “independent vibrators that are activated by movement.” Well, they are not “vibrators.” They are smaller balls rolling around a textured inner surface of larger balls. Thus when the whole product is “moved” is gives off the sensation of vibrations. It is also VERY difficult to tell from the image but the outer surface of the product is two colors. Black silicone primarily wrapped over four white longish shallow slits (4 per ball). This is important because this novelty was not designed for a man’s ass. The packaging even states it is for vaginal use. Those shallow slits can be collection areas that you may need to clean with a fingernail brush after use. The balls are smaller than a Ping-Pong ball. At the widest point, they measure 1-3/8”. Length of the two balls end-to-end is 4” and the leash-loop is 3-1/2”. I rubbed about a pea size of KY gel on them, inserted with some relaxing breathing and felt great. Wore them for seven hours while sitting at the computer, grocery shopping, and walking the dog. I was constantly aware of the pleasant pressure and they kept me half-hard and leaky. When I removed the toy, it did require some careful cleanup. Sorry, that is to be expected from extended use of any anal toy. The balls did not “migrate” and the leash-loop made gentle pulling for removal easy. A very fun and enjoyable toy.
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By geoff long.
these are fantastic left them in all day & night forgetting they were in until rolled over! vibration every step you take brilliant discreet too.
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By manuel castaneda.
I just got the LuvBalls delivered Yesterday. I inserted into my ass immediately and then went to work with them in. I am a bartender, so I am moving all night long. Wow, what a sensational evening I had. I even slept with them in last night and I wore them all day today. I am very happy I got these luvballs. My next purchase is going to be the MiniFucker Penis Plug! Can you imagine having you hole plugged with the luvballs while having your penis plugged? Sounds hot!
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