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Serve Neoprene Buckle Cuffs
$40.00 $29.95
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Serve Neoprene Buckle Cuffs
Serve Neoprene Buckle Cuffs Serve Neoprene Buckle Cuffs Serve Neoprene Buckle Cuffs

These badass cuffs are tough, comfortable, and secure!

These heavy duty neoprene cuffs have plenty of give, so you can cinch them tight around your slave's wrists. Despite their comfortable, yet firm grip, they've got a tough strap running through their core, so they're plenty strong enough to restrain your man. In addition to practicality and comfort, they look serious and clean off easily.

Serve Neoprene Buckle Cuffs Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Adjustable from 8 to 11 inches in circumference, 2.25 inches in width
  • Material: Neoprene, metal
  • Color: Black
  • Use the D-rings to attach the cuffs to each other or other bondage gear


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