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Rubber Penis Piss Sheath
Rubber Penis Piss Sheath
Rubber Penis Piss Sheath Rubber Penis Piss Sheath

Cock and balls secure into tube completely encasing them. Narrow tube allows for urination. Rubber sheath is 7" long and the narrow rubber tube is an additional 3" in length.

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By Mario Prieto.
When my partner comes home after work, I slip this on--I always keep a length of tubing and an enema nozzle attached. I strip to my boxers and After I have a couple of beers, we go into the bedroom. He strips naked and I insert the enema nozzle into him and deliver a generous and expressive urination into him. It's a super enema-delivery device, and if you haven't experienced this kind of enema, you are in for a special treat.
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By Mike.
This sheath got me really excited at first sight. I like the idea of my cock and ball totally encased in rubber. I found it difficult to get on. You really need to use a lot of lube. With all the lube and rubber gliding on my penis it was easy to get very hard. To get this on I put the sheath on my penis and then lifted the rubber sack over my balls. I got one in and then just squeezed the other ball in eventually. I was really happy to get it on and loved the feeling. It's much easier to take off than put on. The sheath can also be used as a masturbation toy. I used this in conjunction with the Aneros Male G Spot Stimulator which added to the excitement! :) — Mike
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By Todd Clark.
Can be attached to the tube from an enema set, use without nozzle and insert deeply for more effective delivery. MI can give my bud several good deliveries per day. Can be worn under clothes--too big a bulge in boxers, but a jockstrap fixes you up fine. Adds a wonderful liquid dimension to sex play.
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By Sherwin Carlquist.
I have a large opening in my penis and without the penis sheath, I spatter so much that I cannot use a urinal. With the penis sheath, a single, easily-directed stream comes out, and I can now use a urinal without any problem.
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