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Ringed Barrel Nipple Clamps
$24.00 $21.00
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Ringed Barrel Nipple Clamps
Ringed Barrel Nipple Clamps Ringed Barrel Nipple Clamps Ringed Barrel Nipple Clamps

Get the perfect grip on your nipples and attach anything you want with these Barrel Nipple Clamps.

Barrel Nipple Clamps are the best nipple clamp to fit most nipples. You can adjust them down to pinch little nipples or use their curved jaws to grab onto big meaty nipples. You can twist the barrel until they're tightened to your ideal mix of pain and security.

The ring presents all kinds of possibilities. Your partner can lead you around with a leash. You can use them in bondage scenarios where they tug when you struggle. For the fashionable utilitarian, they make a great alternative to lanyards when it comes to keeping track of your keys at the gym.

Ringed Barrel Nipple Clamps Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Can open up to approx. 0.75" wide, closes completely
  • Material: Heavy duty brass with rubber coated tips
  • Simple twist-close design allows you to control how tight they hold
  • Solid metal design with rubber coated tips offer quality and comfort
  • Attached rings for function and style

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