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Rikers Locking Chastity Device
$130.00 $98.00
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Rikers Locking Chastity Device
Rikers Locking Chastity Device Rikers Locking Chastity Device Rikers Locking Chastity Device Rikers Locking Chastity Device Rikers Locking Chastity Device

This semi-flexible polycarbonate cock cage is contoured for comfort and security.

The Rikers Cock Cage is made of firm yet flexible polycarbonate, so it's lightweight but won't shatter or split. You get three differently sized cock rings that are curved to comfortably fit against the body while securely holding the wearer's balls. Once you've got the perfectly fitted ring locked on your cock with the included padlock there's no escape until the key is produced. If you're looking for a secure long term chastity device, the rikers locking chastity device is ideal.

Rikers Locking Chastity Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Cage: 1.4 inches internal diameter, 2.75 inches internal length; Rings: 1.65 inches in diameter, 1.75 inches in diameter, 1.85 inches in diameter
  • Contents: Comes with Cage, 3 rings, locking mechanism, lock, and 2 keys
  • Material: Polycarbonate, ABS plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Keep your partner from being able to complete a full erection
  • Designed to be lightweight, effective, durable, and comfortable for long term wear


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    Great short term.
    By Anonymous.
    This is an uncomfortable device. The rings are hard to get balls through if you are not a low hanger. Plus because the ring and cage slide into each other there is a pinch point. Once you fix that the end of the cage itself can cause irritation on the shaft. I wore this for 2 weeks cam was literally cut to pieces. It's also difficult to clean in the cage so you smell bad. Rancid actually. My bf hated it. Look for something with less pinch points and irritation. Whatever the cage is made from is difficult to clean after long use. The clear material changed to a foggy plastic.
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