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Prince Albert's Wand
$80.00 $49.95
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Prince Albert's Wand
Prince Albert's Wand Prince Alberts Wand Prince Alberts Wand Prince Alberts Wand

This is the ultimate accessory for men your Prince Albert piercing.

The wearer inserts the hollow tube into his urethra and keeps it in place by screwing the pin that is coming out of the side of the wand through his Price Albert piercing opening. He can then choose to remove or insert the threaded tip into the head of the wand to control his ejaculate.

75 mm (3 inch) length, 8 mm (.33 inch) diameter.
The piercing is 12 gauge, with a 3/8 inch length.

Note: Ball Weight Sold Separately.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 02 February, 2010 by mark stenvik

I bought this! I found it very uncomfortable! I am also at 00 gauge with my PA. Maybe good for a newbie PA. but bottom opening is way to small It moves around to much to leave in I would suggest getting a custom made!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 13 December, 2011 by Jer Mac

In the description its stated that the piercing is 12 G. When I received mine it was actually 8 G. That's a huge difference! Other than that I love it!

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