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Premium Comfort Straps
$41.99 $31.99
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Premium Comfort Straps
Premium Comfort Straps Premium Comfort Straps Premium Comfort Straps

Give your cock maximum support, during enlargement, with these premium comfort straps.

These premium comfort straps aim to help ease any worry of discomfort that men may have during the penis enlargement process. The comfort straps, act as a support system for your penis, allowing for prolonged use and maximum benefit from enlargement.

Premium Comfort Straps Specs and Benefits:

  • Kit includes cushions, brace, and penis straps.
  • The SMP Penis Enlarger is not included. It is sold separately.
  • Ideal for use with the SMP Penis Enlarger.
  • Helps keep the penis comfortable during the enlargement process.


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    By Kevin L..
    I have an almost identical product and it does work overtime, but you have to be patient and wear it correctly. The Comfort Straps is the only way to go. With the regular standard noose, you will tend to slip out. I've been wearing it on and off for a couple years. Most lately, I would wear it loose under my cargo shorts at home. Whenever I sat down or bent down, it would tug at the root of my cock. So again, use it correctly and it was only till the last months that I did this. I gained weight which cancelled things out, but after losing the weight, find that I gained about 3/4 inch. I'm not greedy so I'm happy with that. I'll keep using it to see how far I get. Hope this helps.
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    By lalo sid.
    it defenetly works,I have had great results in lenght and girth. I have used it a whole year. I am trying to think of ways to improve it. It really sukcs wearing it, its bulky and uncomfrtable. There must be a way to improve this device because its going to catch on as something that does give increased results--believe me.
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    By Michael Raymond.
    Hey guys, I love the SMP extender, can U make some extra rods that are about 6" in length, I can't find that rod at any hardware store to have cut to 6" and 8", PLEASE, PLEASE! I love this stretcher and want longer extension rods!!!!
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