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Pocket Tenga Wave Line

Pocket Tenga Wave Line
Pocket Tenga Wave Line Pocket Tenga Wave Line Pocket Tenga Wave Line
Tenga Double Hole Cup Add Tenga Double Hole Cup $16.50

Tenga Soft Tube Cup Add Tenga Soft Tube Cup $9.99

Pocket Tenga Click Ball Add Pocket Tenga Click Ball $4.50

Pocket Tenga Block Edge Add Pocket Tenga Block Edge $4.50

Tenga Egg Thunder Add Tenga Egg Thunder $7.50

Let yourself be pleasured by waves of ecstasy!

Smooth stimulation of endless waves! Pleasure beyond your hand, smaller than your pocket! TENGA’s new slim-stretch material brings you a portable pleasure item that will stretch to fit almost any size of man. Pocket pleasure that packs a punch! Includes a pouch of TENGA PLAY GEL Natural Wet! A non-sticky lube that’s easy to wipe off!

Pocket Tenga Wave Line specifications:

  • Measurements: 2.17 inches wide, 2.95 inches long.
  • Material: TPE.
  • Note: One-Time Use Recommended.


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