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Penis Crown
Penis Crown
Penis Crown Penis Crown
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Crown the King! Give the gift of royalty to your penis! Our penis crowns are contoured for a nice fit which accents the head of the penis. Many men enjoy wearing the penis crown during sex and claim to have better orgasms. Made of pure bronze. This item has a 1/16" gauge.


S/M- 1 inch in inside diameter
M/L- 1.25 inches in inside diameter

13 Customer reviews
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By James Bohnet.
This penis crown is awesome. The head of my cock mushroomed out and my orgasms are significantly more intense. My partner and I often attend group sex sessions and 3 out of the 7 guys in attendance at the last one had a crown. It keeps the head nice and firm which increases the velocity and distance of your jism when coming. Makes for great facials! It also increases anal stimulation. I could tell immediately who was wearing one when I was entered each time. Great item for any level of sex play.
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By Jose Rodriguez.
After considering whether or not to get a penis crown, my f*ckbuddy got me one as a surprise. He claimed it would look good on my cock, and it did!!! The upper underside point caused me some irritation (I'm circumcised and I don't have a frenum), but I was surprised how fun it is to wear (it kept me semi-aroused for the whole time I wore it). I don't recommend it for extended wear, particularly if it's tight as it is with me (I got the M-L size and it's still tight), as it causes some irritation... but the orgasms are unbelievable... the pressure made me shoot really far, and the head of my cock looks awesome when I have it on!
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By Marcus OTK.
Add this and a good spanking an I have never cum so hard in my life. Awesome.
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By Dirk Hanson.
I recently received my penis crown in the mail. When I put it on I was delighted with how it felt and how it made my head huge. The first time a shot a load it hit my face. My buddies all like how it feels when I top them.
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By George White.
It's an incredible piece of penis jewelry which shows off my penishead under my foreskin better than ever. And with an erection it truly makes my penishead "shine".
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By Jason Smart.
My crown just arrived put it on awsome had to jek off 3 times in 30 min before i was satisfied my cock head like wants to explode!!I am in South Africa,only took 3 days to get here!
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By Sebastian Gerhart.
Received penis crown this past weekend. My partner & I LUV it. He placed on me and the coronation celebration began and hasnt stopped.
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By Mario Conde.
Seit dem wir beide die Penis-Krone benutzen, haben wir tatsächlich immer Super Orgasmen auch nach dem vierten oder fünften Mal, abgsehen davon, das es ein unbeschreiblich aufregendes Gefühl ist, wenn der Partner eindringt und dann im Po 'arbeitet' . Absolut empfehlenswert.
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By james stegall.
i loooove it i am i got the large on and am able to hang 3 cock ring from it u should see all the looks i get at the ballys i wrk out at 3 guys ask me where to get it its great
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By Trevor Johnson.
I really enjoy my penis crown. It makes my head swell and look much larger and defined. This gives me a poping feeling as I pull it and out. It just makes you want to show it off.
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By spanking buddy.
I am marcus otks fuck buddy and boy are we having some spanking and fucking fun with this. Such naughty boys. Buy one of these it will spice up your sex life no end.
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By Brian McC.
My crown landed on my door step today, and had it on within seconds. its looks fantastic. As cut it looks great, just like the Picture.
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By Beach Boy BB69D.
I love it! I wear it all the time since I got it. I got the small but the large is probably best for most people. I can't wait to wear it on the beach this weekend with my brass cockring!
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By JASON Smart.
I just ordered mine today,and i cant wait for it to arrive.I get hard thinking about it!it is going to look good with my 8mm pa!
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