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Padded Locking Posture Collar
$39.99 $29.99
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Padded Locking Posture Collar

Lead your man around like the dog that he is!

Wrap this thick, padded posture collar around his throat and take your fuck slave for a walk! Make sure he knows that he’s just a bitch for you to play with when you yank his chain and shout your commands! The height of the collar will ensure that he’s always alert to your desires, waiting to please you. Adjustable to fit all sized slaves, the collar also includes a locking buckle to further his confinement. The leash can be removed from the D-ring via a swivel hook and the handle is looped to make it easy and convenient for you to hold and lead him around with.

Padded Locking Posture Collar with Leash Specifications:

  • Measurements: Fits necks between 15 inches and 21 inches in circumference. Chain measures 30 inches in length, handle measures 7.5 inches in length.
  • Material: PU Leather, metal.