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Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit
$17.99 $13.99
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Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit
Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit

Nipple enlarger pump: This unique device will make your nipples larger. The kit comes with four different sized nipple rings and two different sized pumps allowing it to fit on practically anyone. The smaller the ring the more intense the sensation and for greater enlargement. Also makes your nipples appear larger under clothes.

Easy to use: Pick your pump, slide your ring of choice on to pump applicator, squeeze the bulb to suck the nipple and slide the ring on.


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By nips mcgee.
I purchased two sets of the pumps. I started with the small ones, but have gone to the large ones. I leave the pumps on without the rings. By leaving them on longer lets my nipples fill the pump tubes up to the bottom of the larger round portion of the pump. I now have the nice large hard nipples I have always wanted and at a very small cost. If you want nice nipples, then this is the product for you.
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By Rick Seahorse.
I have bought several items.... ok lots of items at this Store. I have always been happy with the products and service. I bought this Nipple Enlarger because it had great reviews. When I tried to use it, I found the suction ball hard to squeeze. Kind of like the rubber of a tire. Then after placing over my bf nipples, i found that suction would open if I did not continuously hold it in place. If any of the positive reviewer have a suggestion, It would be terrific if you could share it with the rest of us. I am still a total fan!!

[ Editor's Note: The bulb needs to be stiff to create suction. It's not meant to hold onto his nipple like a traditional nipple sucker. It's made to pull the nipple out so you can roll the rubber band off the glass tube so that it can grab his nipple. ]
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By Bud Purc.
These work well for me. I use the large suction with the smallest ring and then add the next size ring behind it. Feels great and nips stand out quite far. I don't use any lube so once on they stay put. I've noticed people "looking".
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By Robert Johns.
Works really well but its easy to lose the bands. They're really small. They break after a while too. They should sell replacement bands alone.
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By David Bell.
Only been using these a few days now and can def see a difference. Would be better if they came with proper instructions as I was walking around the house with the glass bulb over just one nipple until I read the editors note giving instructions. Otherwise - GREAT PRODUCT!
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By Sam Cas.
First time I tried them I used the smaller diameter pump. Was nice to start. Then I moved to the bigger diameter one, I was able to use rings 1 and 2, rings 3 and 4 are too big, maybe in a womans nips they work or with bigger pump cups. I lost one of the #1 rings and one of the #2 rings is on the verge of breaking (my mistake), tried buying new rings in the shop, they're too hard, won't stay long, so take care of them so you keep the fun.
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