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Mini Remote Control 10 Function Egg
$59.95 $35.95
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Mini Remote Control 10 Function Egg

Mini Remote Control 7 Egg Sex Toy

1.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide, this mini remote control egg is the latest in miniature remote control technology. Great for insertion in the anus, but it can also be used in the genitals area.

In tests we were able to control the mini egg up to 25 feet away! Imagine the look on their face with this baby goes off inside of them.

The egg comes with 1 12v battery and 2 N-type batteries for immediate use.

Material: Polyurethane coated plastic.

This toy is super fun - extra batteries available below!


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By Ive UsedThisBefore.
While I haven't used this particular product, I have used something very similar in the past. A woman who I used to have sex with (some people call them a wife) used one that she had bought for herself on me. She used to stick it up my ass before we had that icky man on woman sex. The egg would massage my prostate while causing my hard on to vibrate while inside her. She loved the feeling as did I. I would cum gobs from the prostate stimulation and, of course, I like having things jammed up my ass. My 'on the side' man is wanting some toy suggestions and I think this is going to be the product I suggest. I will have to write another review to let everyone know how well it works.
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