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Manticore Anal Plug
$15.95 $12.99
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Manticore Anal Plug
Manticore Anal Plug Manticore Anal Plug Manticore Anal Plug Manticore Anal Plug Manticore Anal Plug

Enjoy all the massaging bumps and ribs on these intense anal beads.

Don't let the intimidating design of the Manticore scare you off. Think of it as one of those kneading massage chairs, but for your ass. The first ball has spiraling ribs to get you started. After that each ball has massaging bumps that will exert gentle focused pressure as they slide in and out of your ass. The consistency of the Manticore is such that it's stiff enough to insert, but soft enough to comfortably bend with your body.

You can even take the Manticore beads for an extended ride. The convenient handle not only gives you excellent control, but also fits comfortably between your cheeks so you can wear it around town. With its reach and consistency, you'll feel it moving in you all day long.

Manticore Anal Plug Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 9 inch overall length, 8 inch insertable length, 1.79 inch max insertable diameter
  • Material: TPE
  • Color: Black
  • Enhanced with a raised spiral and rows of sensation nubs
  • Flexible to work with the contours of your body

  • Model images courtesy of UKNAKEDMEN.


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    By Blogger Bear.
    So then I wanted something fun to gain some length and enjoy textures. I found The Manticore. At first I was put off by it. But it was on sale and the textures in the picture looked great and with itís 8 inches, could definitely help me go deep. The pictures are awesome and do the detail justice. The ridges, bumps and spikes were all great and fantastic The Manticore is like 3 toys in one. The enlarged head bead is great for a butt plug. The bumps and ridges are all highly defined. So having just the head alone is almost orgasmic for a bit. Then it's beads, itís the ridge, bumps and separation of beads. Taking each bead is a fun challenge, each a new feeling 3rd, itís practically a dildo. The core being a harder plastic allows is to be much more reinforced when pushing and pulling it with the handle. It doesnít flop around, it goes where you want When you tackle the length of the beast itís really a fun ride at high and low speeds and start adding some twist and a really no slip handle.
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    By dj long.
    fast delivery is a plus. however i was looking for something new and this did not live up to my expectations. material is to ridgid. a softer material i.e. rubber would have been more pleasurable. overall it was not as satisfying as it appears.
    Was this review helpful to you? 2 22