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Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs
$10.00 $7.50
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Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs
Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs
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These magnetic balls make good nipple to CBT clamps!

These little balls have enough oomph to find each other even through your flesh. They'll clamp hard onto your nipples, or you can use them to put a crimp in your cock. Grab two pair if you want to clamp both of your nips at once.

Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs Options:

  • Pair: You'll receive one pair of (equal to 2) magnetic orbs
  • Set: You'll receive two pairs of (equal to 4) magnetic orbs.

    Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Each ball measures 0.37 inches in diameter
  • Material: Metal coated magnet
  • Color: Silver
  • Place them on the skin and let their magnetic attraction create a pinch and squeeze


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    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    Great pressure
    Extremely powerful and just a little to big
    Strong suckers
    By Big D.
    These things really do have some power so be careful. I bought them to" put a crimp in my cock" as the description said, anyway they were a little to big to put in my urethra so I figured why not place them between my balls. Well let me tell you I missed and they pinched my cord and I thought I just castrated myself for a sec. I'm good and I don't regret my buy I use them now to just pinch my taint, but I'm never putting them near my eggs again I don't want them to get scrambled. I wish I could use it the way in the picture though, if they were about 3/4 their size it would work.
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