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Locking Open Mouth Gag
$39.50 $29.95
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Locking Open Mouth Gag

This gag will keep the slaves mouth open, -- and wide! -- Constructed with steel D-rings and a steel lockable buckles. The gag goes into the mouth 1/2" allowing the teeth and lips to rest on top of it, while keeping the wearers mouth wide open.

Inside diameter is 1.5". Gag can be used with or without a lock.


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By mark twain.
Talk about feeling helpless. You can't help but breathe through your mouth with this on. If your partner binds you hands -- as mine do -- you can refuse anything going into your mouth, and I mean anything. Guys really like to use this for piss play!
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By cock slave.
This gag is awesome. Such a different sensation than I've ever had when giving head. You have to try it.
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