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Leather Thigh Sling
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Leather Thigh Sling
Leather Thigh Sling Leather Thigh Sling Leather Thigh Sling Leather Thigh Sling
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Keep your boy toy spread wide with this leather thigh sling

Utilizing this comfortable padded leather thigh sling, you can effectively keep your partner's legs open while you enjoy using your hands in other stimulating ways. The sling wraps around your partner's neck and thighs and uses padding to keep your partner comfortable. The sling is then adjusted using a buckle style system. With your partner spread wide and waiting, think of what you can do with your free hands.

Padded Leather Thigh Sling Specs and Benefits:

  • Material: Leather with padding
  • Uses a buckle-style system for easy adjustment and comfort
  • Helps to keep your partner's legs spread wide
  • 2 D-rings are located behind the neck for more adventurous use


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