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Leather Ball Stretcher
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Leather Ball Stretcher
Leather Ball Stretcher Leather Ball Stretcher Leather Ball Stretcher
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Experience new sensations with this leather ball stretcher!

While men are experiencing an orgasm, there is a tendency for the balls to pull upward towards the abdomen area. However, for a more intense sensation, men can use items such as this soft leather ball stretcher to prevent the testicles from fully retracting upward during orgasm. This can result in a more intense sensation for men.

The leather is quality stitched for durability and comfort.

Soft Leather Ball Stretcher Specs:

  • Size: Measures approx. 7.25" in length and 2.25" in width
  • Material: Leather
  • Helps to keep the balls from retracting during orgasm
  • Creates a new heightened sensation during ejaculation for men
  • Uses snaps to easily secure around the testicles


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