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Jeff Stryker Realistic Penis

Jeff Stryker Realistic Penis
Jeff Stryker Realistic Penis Jeff Stryker Realistic Penis Jeff Stryker Realistic Penis

The Latest Jeff Stryker UltraSkyn Dildo

Jeff Stryker is a gay porn icon and legend. This version of the Jeff Stryker cock is made of super-soft and very realistic feeling UltraSkyn. The latest ultra realistic formula, for an incredibly real feeling from Doc Johnson! If you have the other model dildo made of rubber, you will be amazed by the new technology to make this feel like Jeff's real cock inside you. Molded directly from Jeff's hard cock and balls it's a marvel of modern science. The balls actually jiggle and move when touched. The removable vac-u-lock suction cup allows you to mount this cock on practically any flat surface.


  • 10 inches long (8.5 insertable)
  • Just over 2 inches thick (7.5 inches around!
  • Latex-Free

So big, and perfect, it's amazing, make sure to get some lube.


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16 Customer reviews
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More about this product
material quality
build quality
realistic feeling
feels so good!!
needs a lot of lube!
The best dildo in the world
By Power Bottom Bear.
The are bigger toys, more expensive toys, but I have never found one that feels as good as this one? Maybe it's the shape, maybe its the fact it feels realistic to touch and like a real dick when it's inside of you? This toy never fails to drive me wild, it always has been pounding it into me like crazy and never leaves my arse unfulfilled. There's none of the discomfort afterwards you get with some other bigger toys, because they are too solid and uncomfortable. This bad boy manages to be firm and erect while supple enough to slip all the way up and all the way out again of my hole once I'm ready. Never fails to make me shoot record distances!
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More about this product
material quality
build quality
realistic feeling
The fullness and the feel of it
When we had only one now we have two
Simply amazing
By Ass slut.
When this arrived at first wow there is no way that is gonna fit . So my sexy wife loves this she jumped rite on it and had an orgasm in about a minute she will grind on this for at least an hour . After she is done she puts her harness on and says now it's your turn bend over. She then pulls out my plug and with any thought she sticks it in till its buried all the way in. Didn't think it would fit but it went in with ease. She starts slow then goes faster and faster wow what a rush love her slamming me till I explode !!! So now she has one and have one and we both love this beast!!!
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By Czechmate 79.
It took me months of practice to take this long that I almost thought it was a waste of money. But then one day it popped past my sphincter and it was buried to the balls in my hungry asshole! I was delirious from the intense stretching...I swear I had a ten minute orgasm!
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By So much Fun.
I have had this beautiful toy for almost 2yrs and still ride it as often as I can. I absolutely love the way it feels as it enters and as you ride it just continues to give you more and more pleasure. Great work in the making of this toy and hope to find another one that can make me feel so good
Was this review helpful to you? 6 21

By Mike Hock.
I loved the feeling of this big dildo ramming me again and again in the anus. It was so big, I felt like my sphincter was going to rip, but it didn't. I used so much lube that it dripped down the wall, but that suction cup held on amazingly! I highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a good asshole ramming.
Was this review helpful to you? 3 21

By Jeff VanCleve.
This is the most AMAZING dildo I have EVER had!!!! It feels incredible inside me, almost better than the real thing because I can control it. I can ride it for hours because its so soft and gentle feeling. The down curve is just right to hit my G-spot constantly! My only complaint is the suction cup doesn't hold very well to the wall and I wish it was a little bigger. Other than that, it is by far the best toy I've ever had the pleasure of riding!! Highly recommend it! Also, the price here is great! I've seen it elsewhere for up to $98!! Get one for yourself. You won't regret it!!
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By Lobow Williams.
Two weeks ago I received my Jeff Stryker dildo, the minute I seen it, I knew the picture didn't do it justice. This thing is huge. My wife and I started stretching my asshole with a 1.5" butt plug. My wife would slam that plug in and out of my ass. Today she strapped on her harness with Jeff big cock in it, she started slowly pumping that big cock in and out till I had every inch up my ass. She banged my ass till I came. I love this big dildo, buy it, you'll love it too..
Was this review helpful to you? 3 22

By Popeye Sailorman.
I LOVE this dildo!!! I originally bought it for my wife but she says it's too big for her so I showed her that I can take it completely in my ass and all the way down my throat. It closely resembles the very big cock of my best high school friend who I used to give deep throat blowjobs every day after school. The UR3 feels very realistic and I like to suck it as I masturbate. My wife likes to strap it in her harness and fuck my throat and ass. I like it too!!!!
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More about this product
material quality
build quality
realistic feeling
the hole streching
What a ride
By ILikemen.
Love riding this dildo....what a stretcher. Took some time however when the head slipped passed my sphincter and the curve began to glide into me I thought i would faint. Man....if only I can get the real deal to ride me as I rode this cock. I would be in total bliss.
Was this review helpful to you? 1 21

By Jimmy Slattery.
After 3 years trying on and off I finally got this thing all the way in this afternoon and worked it like a rented mule. There was an audible "PLOP" when it came out and my knees were shaking and my legs were jelly. I had to work up to it with a large Basix 10" and handfuls of Boy Butter but Jesus Christ - well worth he effort. Amaze your friends and scare yourself.
Was this review helpful to you? 4 24

By hottung long.
bought this for my wife she loves it and its huge! what she doesn't know is that i use it also! took a little time to work up to it but WOW what a deep feeling feels soooooooo good.
Was this review helpful to you? 2 22

By adam phelps.
I have received my Jeff Stryker Dildo and OMG what a fuck, if only I could find a man that can do what this toy can do. I have never been one who precums a lot but let me tell ya with this toy I never stop leaking and then tried it with someone and it is all the better with someone... God what a toy...
Was this review helpful to you? 2 22

By fuckhole boy.
this dildo is fantastic.. nothing like the feeling of a good deep fucking.. you'll love it..
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By Jeff Jeepguy.
This dildo is AMAZING!!!!! Its curved just right to hit my G-Spot at my prostate! Almost better than the real thing because I can control it myself. Unbelievable feeling inside me and fun to ride for long periods of time. Very soft and real feeling! LOVE it! Best dildo I've EVER had, period.
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By just me.
ok so this toy isnt for the faint of heart, even a power btm like me has a bit of a tough time, LOTS OF LUBE lemme tell ya,
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By Paul Moadib.
This dildo is well-worth the price. I love it! The texture is very realistic feeling inside me. Its flexibilty is just right - not too firm, not too soft.
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