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Intake Ass Sucker Device

Intake Ass Sucker Device
Intake Ass Sucker Device Intake Ass Sucker Device Intake Ass Sucker Device Intake Ass Sucker Device

Transform your fuckhole by puffing up your ass lips with this ingenious device.

After a short session with the Intake Ass Sucker your rectal lips will be engorged and ready to welcome your dude's hard cock. Fucking after sucking your ass can alter the whole experience. You can pump as heavily or lightly as you want. You can go for just a light puff or for a full on glazed red velvet donut. There's so much potential packed into the Intake Ass Sucker Device.

Intake Ass Sucker Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 4 inches in total length, 2 inches in diameter
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Clear
  • Turn the knob to create an airtight seal against your partner's anus
  • The clear cup allows you to see the effect you're having.


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    material quality
    build quality
    suction strength
    ease of use
    Fun toy
    Male pussy
    By JGE.
    I can see where people are advised to use caution but discomfort should be a good indicator when enough is enough. I personally have had many good times with this toy swelling my ass lips into a wonderful male pussy that my partners have greatly enjoyed. When used solo I enjoy just taking a mirror and viewing my ass appearing so welcoming and fingering the hell out of it. I have found that it helps taking larger dildos and butt plugs as well and creates greater feeling. I love it.....but then I love all ass play!
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    By Tim Holsterfeit.
    I would recommed people to be careful with this. I guess it can be a really nice and fun tool, but you have to realize that things like that are not tested on medical consequences, which is good, but you have to be wise, but I can imagine not being careful could cause serious lifetime health problems. So have fun ad play but with caution!
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    By D Hughes.
    AMAZING!! OMG i just got this today sucked my ass for 30minutes and it plumped my lips up so big and so beautiful and felt so good. Have to be careful how you move so it does not pop off but wow its awesomel And you can get some really big lips from it.
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    By Anal Lover.
    Not really that impressed with this. I thought it would really give my rose bud a nice tug and plump it up for my favorite dom top. It's not difficult to use, but is uncomfortable, and not in a good way. It just didn't work really well. It is however well built and easy to clean. Would not recommend.
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