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How do I clean my leather products?
This is a long answer. Click here for detailed leather care information.
How do I care for my rubber products?
There are several aspects to caring for latex rubber toys and garments. For appearance, cleaning, to storage information click here to read about Latex Care.
Do cuffs come in pairs?
Yes, all cuffs - ankle and wrist - are sold in sets of two unless otherwise noted. One exception to the pair rule is the ball and chain—it is for one ankle only.
I am thinking about getting into electro sex estim gear—how do I use it?
There are a lot of web sites that might be helpful in providing you with information on how to use your electrical gear. Yahoo has several estim discussion groups too. If you are looking for more information, we suggest that you purchase our book (Juice) for in depth details on the subject.
How do know what size cock ring I need?
To be effective a cock ring should fit snugly. Measure the distance around the cock and balls (at the base, behind the scrotum), and then divide by 3.1. This is the diameter cock ring that you should have. Click here for more detailed information About Cock Rings.
What dildos do you recommend for use with a harness?
Just about any dildo that has a flared base. One with balls and a flared top will also work. You don't want the dildo to slip out of the retaining ring on the harness. We have several models of dildos that work excellently in harnesses. Check out the silicone models.
Are chastity devices noticeable under clothing?
Some of our toys are more discreet, comfortable and generally functional for long term use than others. Items such as the Stallion Cage, Rubber Penis Prison, and the Gates of Hell are great, lower cost devices that can be used in short term scenes and would fit under clothing. But they would probably not stand up to long term wear. The Houdini is a higher end item but is not recommended extended wear. It would also protrude noticeable in your pants. For discretion The Curve, CB-2000 and CB-3000 are low profile, highly adjustable, hygienic devices made out of light weight but durable poly acrylic plastic. They are also great choices longer term wear. On most people, they are barely detectable if at all, and we have plenty of customers who find them comfortable and discreet under suits, jeans, etc. in public.
How long can I wear a chastity belt or device?
We cannot recommend that you wear any of these items nonstop for extended periods of time, but we can tell you that we have heard from Chastity lovers who have worn the CB-2000 for much longer than we would have thought possible with no complications whatsoever, so if are going to try long term chastity, we recommend The Curve, CB-2000, or CB-3000. For short term use, take your pick and feel free to contact us at with any specific questions. Read our article on Chastity.
Are Pyrex glass dildos safe?
Pyrex glass is a very tough tempered sodium borate glass. This is the same material used in glass scientific laboratory equipment and some kitchen ware. Not all "tempered" glass is Pyrex. Be very certain of the material you are purchasing. Other less expensive types of glass are not as tough or break resistant as Pyrex glass. The special features of Pyrex means that it resists shattering and breakage. Not completely indestructible, you still should not throw Pyrex toys on against the floor or wall, you don't have to worry about them breaking easily. Pyrex glass toys hold temperature very well. You can also cool or heat the object for some interesting sensations. Put this one in the refrigerator for play on a hot afternoon or warm it up for a nice surprize. Because the surface of glass is nonporous, you'll find you need a lot less lube than with other materials. The non porous surface also means that it is very easy to thoroughly sterilize Pyrex objects. You can put your Pyrex in the dishwasher to clean them and soaking in bleach solution will not harm the objects. Because of nonporous nature of the material, the ease of cleaning, and sterilizing, if you share your toys, this material is ideal for that purpose. Glass is also an amazingly beautiful material for making toys. Artistic colors, swirls, bumps, twists, and embedded patterns make Pyrex insertables into true collectable objects of art as well as toys. Unless your friends are "in the know", some of the toys could even pass for paperweights.
What lube should I use?
There are three basic types of lubricants water-based, oil-based, and silicon-based. A good rule of thumb that my high school chemistry teacher taught me is that "like dissolves like". What this means for us is that we can't use oil-based lubes on oil-based products, nor can we use silicon-based lubes on silicone products. Using an oil-based lube on a latex condom will weaken and cause microscopic holes to form in the condom. The condom may even break and it certainly will not be good for protection from viruses like HIV and hepatitis, nor will it protect against pregnancy. In the case of silicon toys (including dildos and butt plugs), which are wonderful in my opinion, the silicone material holds body heat and can be sterilized by boiling. But, silicon lube will destroy a silicone toy (those realistic cyberskin toys too). How to know what kind of lube you have? Read the label. If it says water-based, there you go. If it has ingredients including cyclomethicone, simethicone, or dimethicone then it is silicon based. If it has petroleum jelly or petroleum by-products listed it is oil-based. You'll always be safe going with a water based product, but the differences in sensation and advantages of the others mean you should at least check them out.

silicon-based lubelast incredible long time, very slick, use very tiny amount, great in hot tub or water environmentscan't use with silicon toysID Millenium, Eros BodyGlide, Wet Platinum
oil-based lubeusually thicker feeling, or creamycan't use on latex toys or condomsID Cream, Elbow Grease, Wet Original Oil-based
water-based lubecan vary from slick to slippery, comes in flavors, can use with any type of toydoesn't last as long, requires reapplication or remoisteningKY, Astroglide, AstroGel (great for anal), ID Original, Wet
How can I use the vibrating egg for anal play?
I do play with the vibrating egg anally. To eliminate the'disappearing' problem, I've done a couple of different things. I always put it inside a condom. I roll the condom out to full length and knot the end of it. It helps with clean up and if the person isn't going to be very active,just leaving the end of the condom handing out serves to retreive it easily. I have also used the antennae on the egg to tie around a cock ring to ensure that it doesn't get drawn up too far into the colon. But in this case I have to leave the condom untied. I do this by wrapping the wire around the cock ring several times and very loosely crossing it over in a kind of half hitch arrangement, like you would tie the reins of a horse over a hitching post.This works well too. The third thing I've done is also using the condom. I put the egg in and also a ping pong ball or a whiffle golf ball (the practice kind with holes in it) then tie off the condom. I insert the egg,but leave the ping pong ball outside of the body. This gives a really odd feel to the guy wearing it, and as long as he doesn't sit down too hard and he hasn't had a lot of anal training with large butt plugs, it also workswell. Hope these ideas help give you some ideas.
Just got my MI800 Rimba Electro Kit and the MI855 dildo. How do I attach the dildo to the electro box?
The Rimba Kit includes two special 3 inch lead wires that have a right angle TENS style connector. The TENS type connector plugs into the Rimba unit. The other end of the 3 inch lead has an ultra mini jack socket designed for Rimba accessories. The short lead wires may have come already attached to the longer leads provided in your kit. If you want to use a non-Rimba accessory with the Rimba Kit, you'll need the three inch leads from your kit plus one of our adapters.
I am very interested in the Violet Wand. I have the TENS unit, but am not really satisfied with it. Can you provide any information about the violet wand that would prove helpful to someone who does not know much about it? I see a wide range of accessories that come with wand, but is the pain too much to bear for a beginner?
The violet wand is definitely a very different sensation from a TENS. The wand can be everything from erotic and sensual to a hard core SM toy. It can be tickly or shocking. A lot depends on how high you have the power set and also on the attachment you are using with it. It's really versatile. With a broad tipped glass attachment, it will have a gentler sensation, with a pointed sharp ended attachment it will have a very intense sensation. So it can do everything from tickly nice sensations to cut and cauterize (if you are using the magic pad and a dental pick).

It's a great attention getter at parties too. You'll have people lining up to experience it. And that is a great way to meet potential play partners. My experience is that as long as I keep it nice and tickly on people who've never felt it before about 95% of them want to play with it more. Only rarely do I run into someone who absolutely detests it. And when I inquire I usually find out they either had a bad first experience with someone else or they have some bad experience of electricity in general (like a bad childhood experience). Keep in mind this is a two person toy, It isn't something that you can use by yourself.
I have been looking for an electro stimulation device, i am not sure what to get? I've seen a little black box thing that you can hold in your hand.
I think the small boxes you refer too could be the TENS2000, The Rimba kit,or maybe the Eros Tek 302R. There are advantages and disadvantages for eachone. My favorite of all the units we sell including the big one is the 302R. It's small and really versatile. It will run all the accessories we sell without any problems, plus it has audio input. The first time I tried it out was about 11 p.m. at night, my boyfriend called me and he didn't know what I was doing. I held the unit up to the phone. It was funny when he finally figured out what was up. AT&T never knew just how well someone could 'reach out and touch someone' over the telephone. Anyway, the medical type TENS units are great starters if you've never done estim before, but you(or your wife) like it, you'll soon want something that is more versatile. The 302 also has a remote control so you can use it from across the house, or in public and no one will be the wiser. Also, it has more wave forms and settings that are all controllable. It can be anything from really erotic to used for training or punishment types of play. The TENS 2000 and Rimba only have one wave form. The prices are different too. You basically get what you pay for. If you are deciding between the TENS 2000 and the Rimba, I would suggest the RIMBA, you'll get one toy to get you started (the sex clamps) and you'll also get adapters so that you can do more with it than just use the pads. If you want to use non-Rimba brand accessories with the Rimba unit, you'll also need the adapters that are about 2.50 each so that they will connect together. If you already know you like electro stim then get the 312B or 302R.



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