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Hegar Urethral Sound

Hegar Urethral Sound
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Size: Extra Large

Accustom your urethra to insertion with these double ended urethral sounds.

Hegar Urethral Sounds are the ideal tool for expanding your urethra in a slow and gentle way. Each sound gives you two sizes so you can gradually work your way up to the second. The first starts off at 5 millimeters wide, and expands to 6 millimeters on the more advanced end. The second starts at 6 mm and so on. You can work your way all the way up to the 14 mm XX-Large size if you wish, or you can just get to the point where you can wear your favorite penis jewelry comfortably. Of course you could just get one to experience the sensation of cumming while your cock is stuffed with metal.

Hegar Urethral Sound Sizes:

  • Small: 8 inches long, one end is 6 mm (0.236 inches) in diameter, opposite end is 5 mm (0.197 inches) in diameter
  • Medium: 8.13 inches long, one end is 8 mm (0.315 inches) in diameter, opposite end is 7 mm (0.276 inches) in diameter
  • Large: 8.13 inches long, one end is 10 mm (0.394 inches) in diameter, opposite end is 9 mm (0.354 inches) in diameter
  • X-Large: 8.5 inches long, one end is 12 mm (0.472 inches) in diameter, opposite end is 11 mm (0.433 inches) in diameter

    Hegar Urethral Sound Specs and Benefits:

  • Material: Chrome-plated brass
  • Each end of the sound offers a slightly different diameter


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    By Anal Lover.
    Love these sounds. I got the 5/6 mm and the 7/8 mm. Ultra smooth and well made. My only regret is not purchasing the next larger size(s). I was very surprised at how easily I could take both and really wished for the larger diameter for more of a solid stretch. I would also recommend getting a tube of the sterile lubricant so you have plenty on hand for some sounding play.
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    By wiener wantsalot.
    At first I thought the small sound was way to big...... until I tried it . WOW I cannot believe that I can take the hole thing. First time, first try. I will definitely be working my way up the ladder!!!!
    Was this review helpful to you? 13 23

    By Harry Stippe.
    Bought the sounders smand lg. Take the sm 6mm end, a little tight, well keep trying to take the large 7mm end and work up to the 8mm end.
    Was this review helpful to you? 6 22

    By patrick clay.
    I just bought the urethral sound sm. thru large already up to large it is hot and makes you want to cum faster the sensation you get is awesome I would try it
    Was this review helpful to you? 9 26

    More about this product
    The size
    Fucking cock
    By Anoymous.
    It's an experience and worth it and my urethral hole expanded and used the 9/10 sound feels great at the moment lovely!!
    Was this review helpful to you? 3 29