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Heavy Steel Collar with attached Cuffs
$185.00 $149.00
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Heavy Steel Collar with attached Cuffs
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Heavy Duty Steel Restraints

Keep your slave's hands at bay 24/7. This device gives them enough access to perform their daily tasks yet hinders their movement and always reminds them of their status. Steel restraints are 2 inches wide and 1/8 inch thick.

We find 85% of men will choose the larger size (6 inch collar and 2.5 inch wrists). For smaller men we recommend the smaller size (5 inch diameter collar and 2 inch wrist restraints).

Note: Locks not included.

Size Chart


  • collar: 6 inch Diameter = 19 inch circumference
  • wrists: 2.5 inch Diameter = 9 3/8 inch circumference
  • collar: 5 inch Diameter = 15 3/4 inch circumference
  • wrists: 2 inch Diameter = 6 2/8 inch circumference


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