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Gunmetal Chain Flogger
$41.95 $31.95
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Gunmetal Chain Flogger
Gunmetal Chain Flogger Gunmetal Chain Flogger

Leather not heavy enough for you?

If leather just isn't giving you the heavy impact you need, upgrade to metal chain!. These heavy metal tails will feel like no other flogger as you flail them against his back. However, for safety, each chain ends in a round loop so as not to expose him to any sharp edges. While the metal chains will be a new experience, the leather wrapped handle will feel solid in your hand as you wield this vicious punishment device.

Gunmetal Chain Flogger Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 20 inches in total length, tails measure 13.5 inches in length
  • Material: Leather, metal
  • Color: Grey
  • Features heavy weight and metal links from a gunmetal grey chain
  • The leather wrapped handle has a looped strap for an easy and firm grip


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