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Erection Enhancement Rings
Erection Enhancement Rings

A cock that is able to maintain an erection for a longer period of time can be stimulating for both partners. Imagine being able to penetrate longer, give your partner satisfaction longer, being able to give them pleasure longer -- with these erection enhancement rings, you may just be able to accomplish that.

The rings are made of stretchable rubber that are placed around the cock and balls. They regulate the bloodflow leaving the penis, thereby causing the erection to last longer. Each of the three distinct designs give a visual appeal for you and your partner. You'll receive three (3) cock rings in each set. Because the rubber is highly stretchable each of these rings will fit comfortably around the cock and balls.


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By Jake Duece.
I bought these for the price mostly. They worked..for about 20 minutes of sex...then break. They feel great and were my first cock rings, but if you want to use them more than once, I would invest in a more expensive, durable version.
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