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Enlarger Extension Rods
$26.99 $19.95
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Enlarger Extension Rods

The SMP Enlarger Extension Rods give you the chance to achieve greater gains through use of the SMP Enlarger. While the standard rods that come with the SMP Enlarger have a top length of 5", the extension rods have a top length of 7.5". That offers a full 2.5" of additional length over the original SMP Enlarger. Each package comes with two rods (the SMP Enlarger is sold separately).


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By J. Smith.
OK, I'm Ready. Tell me where and Who I can buy Larger Extention Rods for this device. I'm already 7.5" Hard, So Now my device is "Useless". And this is All you can offer ??? Regards, JS.
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By Chris Rod.
Hi Guys, I have been using my "Enlarger" for a good 6 mos. I did use the system for a few mos. then I had some results but not a lot. I have work aggressively at this as well. So let me fell you something's that I have found as I'm now getting my first set of longer rods. My dick was about 5in and was the reason that I wanted to look for some thing that might change things. Yes I have the pump and I have the Extender. This is how I got things to change for me. Use them all! I use my extender at nightly then change the settings weekly. Use the pump for fun and girth! The best thing that speed up things for me and is the thing ya should know is to use the "male hormone enhancers". I'm 57 using all of the above has put me back in the game "BIG TIME" Ya have to work at it if ya like to play with it! Keeping in shape also helps. Some of the young guys may not need the hormone stuff. But a good dick vitamin can always help during the extending process. I feel it helps with the rebuilding of tissue/veins. I also like the Tongakt Ali for that! So guys....I'm placing an order for my Extension Rods... Oh for the guy wanting and crying to get longer rods...Ya ever thing of the local hardware store? Or find a machine shop and quit your crying! two years is a long time to cry!...get over your self!
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By K. Jaramillo.
Okay here goes. The extension rods are considering the original rods are kinda short, I started pretty much about to completely unscrew the original rods, so pretty much at maximum length of the original. The Problem with the extension rods is that it skips a whole half inch in between the most compressed form of the extended version from the most extended amount the original rods reach, so if you try to transition in between the two expect a real discomfort at least until you get to the point where its okay. Other than that, definitely a must buy with the SMP enlarger device.
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By tantraman Green.
All these requests for longer length extending rods and you don't do anything about it. What's that all about? I'm still waiting for longer rods about 2 yrs now.
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By cole ciceu.
Ok so u need to get the longer extensions for 8-10 inch cuz Tue ones you have will do nothing for me
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By nmiller mil.
well i wore it abt 2months , i wear it at night for like 6 to 8hrs and they said build my flacid up nope not yet still the same not getting any fatter or longer im at my long rods n nothing... we need fine longer rods and something to build flaci btter
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By Daniel Robert.
I agree! When is there going to be extension rods made for 7.5 plus?
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By Ray Green.
When is there going to be extension rods made for extension to 8-9" or more? I have used the 7.5" and it's time to move to more length. Thanks
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By Texas Hart.
These are for your FLACID length. most people don't stretch out to 7.5 flacid. I'm 7.5 hard and the ones it came with are well honestly not quite there, I'm near the end after just two weeks... but the extenders will take care of me for a while I'm sure. Buying now... if you need even longer I guess you could look up some really long screws with the right width and threading, and cut the tops off?
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By Geo T..
I AGREE we need for 7.5 and more.. this sold me but when i read its not going to benefit me.
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