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Enema Syringe

Enema Syringe
Enema Syringe Enema Syringe Enema Syringe

This classic enema syringe is a collectors item. Made of high quality polished metal (chrome-plated brass). Operation is as follows: 1) Pull back the plunger. 2) Unscrew the cap and fill with liquid. 3)Insert into the rectum and push plunger, liquid fills into the person. Tip can unscrew for easy cleaning. This syringe can also be used for injecting fluids into inflatable portion of urinary catheters. A bulbous tip and a catheter tip with a splash shield are now included. Larger size for more capacity. Now standard is whopping 8oz capacity.


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By RC Anders.
Just received my enema syringe in the mail. It came unpacked with no instructions and with two dents in the side. No big deal, but not an auspicious start. I couldn't figure out how it worked, so I came back here and read the entry. When I tried to remove the top to fill the cylinder, discovered it had been cross threaded and wouldn't come off. I can't review the product's performance because I can't get the top off. I'll get some big pliers out and see if I can fix it, but a disappointing start.
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By James Lee.
It's easy to use but you can't clean it as it's all closed off.
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