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Electrical Urethral Sound
$59.95 $44.95
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Electrical Urethral Sound
Electrical Urethral Sound Electrical Urethral Sound

An electrosex accessory not for the squeamish.

This 7 inch long electric urethral probe will make most guys squirm just from the looks of this devious device. It is approximately 5/16 inch in diameter and is bipolar which makes using this device with your electrical unit easy.

Works directly with all our Powerboxes. We include a free universal adapter.


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By Jim Jones.
Awsome! I've heard some guys complain this is too big a diameter for their pee hole but it's a pefect fit in mine. Be sure to use with conductive gel and sterilize with alcohol before each use.
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By Robert Smith.
This is the best i have ever tried. You insert this in your penis and turn on the electric shock stimulator. It gives you these electric shocks deep down in your penis and stimulates your prostrate. It feels so good and you will have a hardon all night.
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More about this product
material quality
build quality
electrosex intensity
Just the right diameter, could be longer though.
Use care not to pull on the power cord
Perfect insertable electro- sex toy
By An electro-sex convert.
You'll love this toy. Just use plenty of conductive gel, take it slow until you get the feel of it. As with any urethral insertable, ALWAYS wash with soap & water & wipe down thoroughly with alcohol before using. Happy stimming !
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By ron pritchet.
wounderfull wounderfull best fun you can have with yourself
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By franz dick.
hallo, ich habe das Ding , Ausprobiert , Muss ich allerdings vorausschicken ich bin ein begeisterte harnröhren fän .:Bin Ganz toll Begeistert und auch überrascht worden .Intensives gefühl,Gut mit gleitmittel einführen ,meine freundin hatt mir sogar bei nachts im Schlaf Reingeschoben es hat sie das eiführen soo Gereizt !!!! Beim anschließen bin dan erst richtig Wachgeworden ,es war Himmlisch Gigantisch für uns beide .
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