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Deluxe Trigger Pump
$59.99 $44.99
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Deluxe Trigger Pump

With a pressure gauge, universal sleeve, and easy pump, this is a great pumping system for your package!

Just slide your cock through the sleeve, and start pulling the trigger until your bulging cock is where you want it. The pressure gauge makes it easier to practice a strict pumping regimen, which is important if you're shooting for long term growth. If you pump a little too high you can always step down with the pressure release valve.

Pumping is a great way to get an instant and unnaturally huge erection. Who doesn't want that?

Deluxe Trigger Penis Pump Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Pump Cylinder has 8 inch internal length, 2.4 inch internal diameter
  • Material: ABS plastic, TPE rubber
  • Universal sleeve is one-size-fits-most for a tight seal
  • Super easy squeeze trigger design for hassle-free pumping
  • Enjoy a bigger, thicker, longer lasting erection easily


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    By bupkiss scratcher.
    while it works great suction wise ... the silicone rim broke my 2nd time using it... now I cant find a replacement piece and its now useless

    [ Editor's Note: You can get two universal replacement pump sleeves (AA175). Those should do the job. ]
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    By Ron Paulus.
    I bought mine about a month ago it works great I use it every nite hold it about 10 min each nite my partner says it looks and feels so much bigger the key is steady use and for longer periods each time
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    By matt mac lean.
    bought one enjoyed it greatly but trigger handle broke now totally useless cant find replacement
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