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Deluxe Flat Ended Sound Kit
Deluxe Flat Ended Sound Kit

Flat Urethral Sound

This deluxe flat ended sound kit is a great kit for someone looking to into urethral play, and great for urethral play enthusiasts as well. These sounds are different from other sounds because of the one flat end. The flat end is most commonly used to provide a better grip. More advanced users may use it to hook up to an electrode for electro-sex play. This sound kit comes with 14 sounds ranging from 4 mm to 17 mm in diameter. Each sound is 7.5" long with 5.5" of insertable length. These sounds are slightly curved and are made from chrome-plated brass. The sounds come in a black velvet lined zippered case.

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By Nuisis Lane.
I bought this item because I got into the sound revolution. I stumbled across a video showing the sound being inserted in a cock. It looked hot and just seeing how much pleasure the sound was given the guy was stimulating. I also found other videos of sounds and enjoyed what I was seeing. So, I bought this set because of it's variety of sizes and it was worth what I paid for. I was able to handle up to the size 8 sound but, did manage to get the size 9 sound down the shaft of my cock. My goal is to get all of the sounds inserted into my cock but, its going to be awhile. To those who are unsure of purchasing a set of sounds, my advice to you is get them. The feel of the sound sliding down the inner shaft of your cock is amazing but, words cannot always describe what you can experience for yourself. Each individual experiences things differently from others. PS: WORKS EFFECTIVELY WITH LUBE, so you are not forcing the sound down your inner cock shaft and causing yourself great discomfort.
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