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Deluxe Electric Penis Pump Kit
$324.99 $239.00
(26% off)

Deluxe Electric Penis Pump Kit
Deluxe Electric Penis Pump Kit Deluxe Electric Penis Pump Kit Deluxe Electric Penis Pump Kit Deluxe Electric Penis Pump Kit

Instant power with fine tuned adjustability.

Serious pumpers know that the key to long term growth is consistency. With this new electric pump, consistency is easy. You'll feel suction the instant that you turn on the pump. Unlike a hand pump, you'll get a consistent level of suction. Using the pressure gauge you can see exactly what pressure you're pumping at and adjust it up or down using the pressure release valve. It's amazing the way your cock will grow right in front of your eyes!

After you're done with your pumping session you can lock in that fat erection with either the rubber erection rings or the leather snap adjustable cock ring that come with your kit. If you're ready to get serious about pumping, this is the kit for you.

New Feature: This kit now includes an adapter, so you can use it with all of our Size Matters Cock and Nipple Cylinders.

Electric Penis Pump Kit Contents:

  • (1) Expansion Cylinder (9.25" in length, 2" in diameter)
  • (1) Electric Pump
  • (1) Air-Pressure Gauge
  • (1) Pressure Release Valve
  • (1) 10ft tubing connecting electric pump with cylinder
  • (3) Rubber Erection Rings (1" inside diameter, 1 3/8" inside diameter and 1.25" inside diameter)
  • (1) Adjustable Leather Erection Ring

    Electric Penis Pump Kit Benefits:

  • Applies constant, consistent pressure for equal gains
  • Includes cock rings to help maintain erection post-pumping session
  • Increases the length and girth of cock for deeper penetration
  • Allows for faster results than using a standard hand pump


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