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Cyberskin Penis Extension
$29.99 $22.49
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Cyberskin Penis Extension

Many men would like to have a longer, thicker penis for the benefit of their partner. This Cyberskin penis extension is an easy way to add length to your penis without serious body modifications. The cyberskin texture feels life like, and the head or 3 inch extension is made of a firmer latex, more realistic to a real penis head. Obviously their will be less stimulation for the male, since this device acts as a thick condom. Yet, one on the flip side that will keep him going longer.

To put the extension on you need to roll up the sleeve until its all the way up around the 3 inch extension. Then place it against the head of the man's penis, and roll it down snugly around him, sealing his penis in with little or no air inside the sleeve. This will form a sort of vacuum seal which helps the extension stay on during intercourse.

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By Tim hanson.
Well it doesent work for me. When it on my dick, the front hangs like a half dick :( and it tilts around inside my girl.... But it looks funny :O)
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By Shawn Kraig.
Eventhough I have about (I am 8.5 in) 2 inches not covered she knew the difference when she backed up on it but couldnt explain it. So I beat her insides up more til she needed to be carried to the bathroom. She said I really made her cum 2 extra times. I feel I can use this on make up sex. #BaltimoreBeater
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