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Colt Inflatable Butt Plug
Colt Inflatable Butt Plug

This latex and rubber inflatable butt plug with firm internal core and easy purge valve will expand your anal horizons. Recommended by our staff, this inflatable butt plug's firm internal core makes for easier insertion.

Soft, pliable and expandable; after insertion you simply inflate until you are full or fulfilled. When you are done, just press the easy purge valve and the pressure will be released

Free sample lubricant with purchase.


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By Roy Geebhive.
It doesn't last. I bought a bunch and they keep breaking. I have to buy more. It's great as a toy but it doesn't last more than 10-20 uses total and then it bursts inside. I've worn out each one I've had after not too many uses. :-(
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By Cajun Dude.
If you want something that will expand as big as you want then this is it. It will blow up as big as a cantaloupe! The downside is, in orde for it to be that expandable the rubber part is nothing more than a thin rubber balloon. Its very fragle and after inflating 10-20 times it no longer shrinks back and is just a loose piece of rubber over a solid buttplug core. It expands like a round ball if you inflate it in the open but it doesnt put much direct pressure on the prostate. Instead it grows in length and pushed deeper into you as you inflate it. For the price its a good toy but I was hoping for something more sturdy.
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what a stretching device, allows you to sufficiently stretch your ass for big penetration and double anal!!!!
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By David Rodriguez.
As the ad says "employees recommended" I was impressed by this inflatable butt plug, the comfortable rubber plug and strong tubing and thick hand pump...It will out do you. I will fulfill your stretching needs for what ever cums next.
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