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Classic Butt Plug

Classic Butt Plug
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This is the classic butt plug, angled and designed to keep the butt stuffed and in place. Comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

  • Small: 4.75 inches in total length, 4 inches insertable, 1.15 inch diameter at widest point
  • Medium: 5 inches in total length, 4.25 inches insertable, 1.4 inch diameter at widest point (Most popular size)
  • Large: 5.5 inches in total length, 4.75 inches insertable, 1.9 inch diameter at widest point (Note: The large is an advanced size)
  • Material: TPE


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    By Kevin ChicagoBi.
    OMG. I have the large and it took a few days to open enough for it but let me tell you what a feeling. Once I got to the bottom curve my ass just sucked it in and wouldn't let go. I rode it to a mind blowing cum. I hated to take it out, and it wasn't easy to get it out, I think my ass wants it in there all the time. I'm going to play with it right now. I can feel the orgasm already.
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    By Tim U..
    I bought the medium size one and it was a perfect fit. Great for opening up or beginners and it stays there to so you can keep it on and just do you thing. Great price too just love it.
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    By Stephen Sturm.
    I just got the medium sized one of these in the mail the other day and have yet to keep it in for any length of time before removing it and then putting it back in after a while. However, I do plan on trying to keep it in while sleeping and on my days off if I am able to do so. But, all in all, I find it to be rather comfortable to wear and that it gives me that nice full feeling as well. And who knows, maybe I will be able to use this to be able to take a bigger cock sometime.
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    By STeve Woodard.
    I purchased the medium one.... its tight but loosens up my ass for a good fuck!.... my butt buddy loves that my ass is ready for is use!
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    By Pig Ben.
    I am kinda new at anal play and originally ordered the small plug. It was, and is, good but it took some "work" to keep it in me since there is such a small difference in size between the "neck" and the plug I ordered the medium size and it is GREAT!!!!! It stays in place and feels terrific!! Both my Sir and his pig are very pleased with it.
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    By Scott GI.
    Bought the Medium One for my first Plug, Damn it feels nice inside me. Just got it a couple hours ago and already I don't want to take it out!
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    By Flipper Van Bottom.
    This is a good set if you want some gape in that boi pussy. I worked my way up to large and have a nice gape, a little lube and it is so good. The small one is where you start, the medium goes quick and the large one still feels good, but every time, you know by looking that it helps with that rosey ass pussy the BF likes so much.
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    By anal delights.
    All I can say is wow!, this is definately an awesome first plug. I got the Large buttplug in the mail and immediately opened it and shoved it in. It made my butt feel very full and satsified. I have even slept with it in, and it was wonderful. I was amazed at how my ass took it in and keept it there! I have had it less than three weeks and used it almost every day. P.S for a different feel try it with a bullet vibrator that is already in your ass.
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    By Mike Cousins.
    I have the medium and large plugs... wow is all I can say! The medium is perfect for a beginner especially before fucking or dildo use. The large is more for experts and took a little while to pop in. But like others have said... once in you just don't want to take it out! Highly recommend the large for starters of ass stretching. ;)
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    By Trooper Lincoln.
    I got the large to start. But after a few tries I got it it in. I love it time for something bigger. Great starter.
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    By Leo Franklin.
    The large butt plug has a phenomenal feel. Definitely for the advanced anal player. Once you get the large end in your ass swallows it up and doesn\'t want to let go. I use mine all the time.
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    By Adam Phelps.
    OMG, I just got done using the large plug and I still got it in and let me tell you the feeling is wonderful I love love love this plug it makes me want to go bigger but ill for sure use this one for the rest of my live and i think I want it to be buried with me for the after life I love this plug...
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    By a:N:a The One Without ORgasms.
    while I spend the majority of my days with little anal play, be it solo or with another, these butt plugs are PERFECT for keeping youself ready for anything. Typically when I go out for a day on the town I have one inside me at all times, just in case I happen to meet an old boyfriend... THe medium, who perfect for beginners, had a hard time staying in me, especially AFTER being fucked. I hope the large one might stay in better.
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    By tiko10 bttm.
    got the medium size and im sitting here with it in me now. love it! if you've never been opened before the medium will definitely take a good push and some lube to get past the wide part. once it popped all the way i was in heaven! im currently sitting on my desktop and rocking back and forth to really give my hole a stretch and workout, im gonna walk around with this in all day! plan to order large in a month or so...
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    By Kevin ChicagoBi.
    I just got the large. I thought I could get it in but now luck so far. It is much bigger then you think. I'm going to keep trying and can hardly wait until my hole slams shut around the neck once it is in me.
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    By Stephen Sturm.
    I bought one of these the other day and each time I use it is a different experience for me. At first it hurt a bit, but not it only hurts a little after I cum. However, I did figure out that if I leave it in for a while and don't take it out, that it actually doesn't hurt as bad. I can't wait to try something different.
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    By d mo.
    Such a great plug, this really is the plug to use to make sure that you're always ready for a good ass pounding. I fills you and yet stays in place and you can tighten your ass around the base. I wear it to work at the university and it feels great all day long.
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    By Pig Ben.
    I'm kinda new to anal play. Got the small one as a "starter"...but soon learned that while it felt really good it would not stay in when moving around. There is not enough difference in size between the "plug' part and the "neck" I ordered the medium size. FUCK YES!!!! Perfect. Hurts just enough when inserting and you always know its there..but stays in place for hours. Both myself and my SIR are very pleased.
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    By chris ogilvie.
    great item, comes as described. couldn't wait to try it out. now i wana go to the biggest size.
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    By DC Dave.
    I just bought the medium and found it on the small side, the large seems like such a step up. It seems the the narrow end is too wide to stay in. I'm not that loose either!
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    By c ogi.
    These were my first toys. As a beginner I only got the medium and the small. The small is taken to quickly and falls out in time. The medium is perfect feels great inside, and when it makes that pop...mmmm. Will be getting the large soon!!
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