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Beaded Anal Hook
$89.95 $67.95
(24% off)

Beaded Anal Hook
Beaded Anal Hook Beaded Anal Hook Beaded Anal Hook Beaded Anal Hook
32ft Cotton Bondage Rope Add 32ft Cotton Bondage Rope $15.00 $11.95

Hemp Bondage Rope Add Hemp Bondage Rope $16.00

He's just a piece of meat, so hang him up by his ass!

Go ahead and play with your food! Impale that fuckhole on a metal hook, designed to move inside him with every little motion of his body. The three bulbs at the tip will massage his anal walls, and if you position it right, can even target his prostate. Connect the ring to ropes or chains and then get creative with what you do with him, whether you string him up from the ceiling or put him in a vicious hogtie on the ground!

Made of stainless steel, this anal hook is non-porous and phthalate-free can be cleaned and sanitized with mild soap and warm water. Compatible with all types of lubricant.

Beaded Anal Hook specifications:

  • Measurements: 16 inches from tip to tip, 5.5 inches insertable. 1.5 inches at widest diameter.
  • Material: Stainless steel, aluminum.


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