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Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator

Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator
Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator Aneros Male GSpot Stimulator Aneros Male GSpot Stimulator Aneros Male GSpot Stimulator

The Ultimate Male G-Spot Stimulator MGX Trident

Creating the "Dream Orgasm" For Those Who Dare to Expand The Horizon of Human Sexuality

The Aneros Stimulator is one of a kind! It is medically researched, designed, and patented. The Aneros is a combination of modern scientific knowledge and ancient Eastern erotic massage.

Anal sphincter assisted masturbation helps you achieve a firmer erection and greater pleasure. Regardless of age, this patented and tested device benefits most men by directly stimulating the prostate plexus of nerves to result in an electrifying, often unsurpassed orgasm. This unique masturbation technique has also been shown to increase a man's vitality and libido. Although Aneros delivers stunning unexperienced pleasure, it is not merely a sex toy. Aneros is anatomically designed and is patented under the category of "medical-surgical internal pressure applicators".

Aneros will fulfill your desire and deliver the most satisfying orgasms of your life!!! Keep reading to view Testimonials. Discover Your Secret Sexual Potential

Published Reviews

The aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator has been reviewed by the online magazine and is also recommended in "ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm," by Brauer & Brauer.

Quick Start: Using the Aneros Massager

  1. For hygienic reasons, wash the aneros with warm, soapy water before and after each usage.
  2. Apply adequate lubricant to the anal canal and to the head of the Aneros.
  3. Slowly insert the Aneros, positioning the perineum abutment to press against the area between the anus and the scrotum.
  4. Relax mentally and physically. Allow your body to become accustomed to the massager. Practice deep breathing and release your tensions. This is a Tantric Experience!
  5. Slowly begin to contract the sphincter muscle. As the sensations build, you may wish to increase the frequency and intensity of the contractions.
  6. Pivot the back handle left, right, or backwards to increase pressure on the Male G-Spot. Enjoy!
The Aneros MGX sizes are 3 3/4" shaft length with a 3 1/4" diameter.
Overall length is 4 1/8" from the base of handle to top of shaft.

Credits: Pictures # 2 and 3 are courtesy of CollegeBoyPhysicals.


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By Bryan Ryder.
I have been a loyal user of Aneros products for over six years. I am huge advocate of prostate massage and there is not a man alive who should not own at least one of these. I use Aneros more often than I jack off. The reason why is one of these devices can give you pleasure for hours, without leaving you feeling spent and exhausted. In addition to it's providing of pleasure, it's a very HEALTHY toy to use! Not only does it flush out toxins from your prostate, but keeps all your equipment 'down there' in good circulation. Thus leading to better sexual performance. I own five different Aneros models altogether and intend to get more. Worth the price, and lasts forever.
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By Kelly Eberhard.
Before we decided to carry this product, I gave it to 4 of my male friends. Two of the guys tried it within two weeks and responded with very positive reviews of the Aneros. The other two guys were a bit shy about sticking things in their ass. But after bugging them about it, they both eventually tried it out. One of my dear friends told me he hasn\'t had sex that felt this good since he was 18! He\'s in his 50\'s now, and loves the Aneros. All 4 guys gave me very positive feedback. So we\'re offering the Aneros to you!
Was this review helpful to you? 10 21

By stan Lee.
Got it as a gift from my friends. At first I thought it was a joke then after using it I fell in love with it. I had 7 hours of orgasmic contractions and almost past out from exhaustion. I moved the aneros around and against my prostate and felt like the orgasms just kept dishing out. Man this thing is like an orgasm tool. Two thumbs up. :)
Was this review helpful to you? 10 22

By Roger Esquivel.
Hi, well i just bought the Anero a week ago...i have to awesome...normally i just cum ones and if i want to cum again i ahve to wait at least 30 minutes...wellthis is the first time is years since i came twice in least of 5 minutes...after that the next day again Awesome product Roger from North Carolina
Was this review helpful to you? 9 22

By Mike Roberts.
Amazing toy. Worth every penny. This is especially great if you are not a bottom and want to get use to having some anal play.
Was this review helpful to you? 6 21

By charlie theperv.
I love it. better than any lover.
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By lance williams.
first time i tried this i ended up helpless in my bed giggling and it felt like my whole body was a finger tip
Was this review helpful to you? 10 26