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Aneros Helix G-Spot Massager

Aneros Helix G-Spot Massager

Experience the orgasm of a lifetime. Use the Aneros Helix Prostate Massager and let your sexual emotions take flight. The Helix is a fantastic item that has been specially designed for those who wish to not use their hands. That's right, it's hands-free. Just simply place the Helix inside the anus and use your rectal muscles to control the pressure and speed. The agressively-shaped Helix stimulates both the prostate and the surrounding area. You can determine how many and how often your orgasms will appear. Don't wait, grab a Helix today and satisfy yourself!

Specifications: 1 1/6" diameter at the tip, 15/16" diameter at mid-range, 1 3/4" from the main body to pressure point. The Helix is much larger at the tip (1 /16" vs. 0.9" on the MGX). This item has an insertion length of 4 inches. The Helix also has a stockier base, larger tip and is more angled for extra vigorous stimulation. Use: Place the head into the anus (similar to a butt plug). Make sure that the curled arm (handle) is between the buttocks and the upturned arm touches the perineum. The item itself should be tilted forward.

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By Big Dog.
Total rip off! Did not do anything for me either! A total waste of money!
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By John Rimer.
I bought this because of the reviews. I tried it several times since I got it in the mail. It did nothing for me. I should have known better then to buy something like this. I have never had an anal orgasm and thought this might do the trick. I was clearly wrong. Completely dissatisfied.
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