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Anatomical Penis Condom/Sheath
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Anatomical Penis Condom/Sheath
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Encase your cock and balls in the Rubber Penis Sheath

This wild looking sheath will make your cock and balls feel very nice when it stretches and pulls tight around you. Lube it up with Eros body glide for that Hot shiney look. Can also be used to prevent urination since entire penis is encased. Makes a great gift and is affordably priced.

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By Giovanni Cabrerra.
I like the way this apparatus looks not to mention it makes for great SAFE sex versus potential condom breakage, which I often experience with a 10.5x7 penis, which brings me to my main question and that is how is this considered for guys like myself who are overly endowed? I don't want to make a purchase if I'm going to struggle to get it to fit. Any suggestions out there. Thanks!
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By iohen iohen.
Dear Gentlemen, for easier fit over the balls, I always use two ordinary rubber bands or simply cut of the ends off a condom and pull it over and behind my penis and balls. Afterwards the sheath holds better in place and your balls won't pop out once in a while. That can be sometimes painful and uncofortable when you got big balls like I do :)
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By Aaron Toner.
This item is so awsome, and feels so amazing!
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By D JS.
It takes some effort to put this thing on but once it is on, wow! The tight yet flexible rubber surrounding your cock and balls is a pleasure worth while! A little lube on the inside is a must!
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By Johnathan Davis.
This is a very hot item. I use it all the time.
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By Michael Gallegos.
I bought this baby and boy do I love it.. Yes it's not easy to get this sucker on esp when you have big balls.... what to do ????
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By Martin Raynold.
I bought the black latex pant with penis sheath. It is quite difficult to put it on, but once it is put on it makes arousal and wanna fuck pussy... My dick is 6.5 to 7 inches (I'm an Asian). The constraint with latex pant is short penis sheath which is difficult for my dick to fit. I wanna buy this penis sheath alone next time. It looks hot!
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