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Anal / Rectum Proctoscope

Anal / Rectum Proctoscope
Anal / Rectum Proctoscope Anal / Rectum Proctoscope

This medical instrument is used to examine the inside of a patients rectum. Once inserted the inner piece with ring tab can be removed to for better visibility during exam. When the inner tab is removed, the outer part resembles a funnel.

Made of strong plastic.


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Better than a funnel
By nakedinsantafe.
I've had mine a long time and never get tired of it. It goes in easier and deeper than a regular funnel. Great for just pouring in whatever you are into and it goes in deep and stays in. Comes in very handy when I'm playing solo(more often than I'd like...) for pouring in my own (fluids) until I get something that goes directly from the source to my all fluid loving receptacle.
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