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Adam Dexter's Realistic Cock
Adam Dexter's Realistic Cock

8 1/2 inches

Adam is known for having a large cock. Frankly It's huge, black and its all Adam. This is a perfect replica of Adam Dexter's penis including his unique curve. The base has a sturdy suction cup for mounting and easy riding.

  • 8 1/2" long
  • 5 3/4" circumference
  • 1 4/5" diameter

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    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    realistic feeling
    Feels amazing. Looks great going in and out.
    Best dildo ever!
    By Cockwilldo. .
    Truly the best dildo I have ever used. Awesome. Looks great, perfect thickness and very long. The curve hits the right spot for an amazing orgasam. My goto dildo when I plan to get fucked by a big cock to prep me to take the real thing.
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    By michael morrison.
    bought this cock from intimate treasures 2 years ago this damn motherfucker makes me nut everytime without touching myself, since i like black guy black dildos are in for me
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    By anybody 2010.
    Got Adams cock over the summer... wow... He's been fun to play with. Fun, and a challenge working this huge cock into my eager ass. Its almost Christmas and I just got to where I can take it all the way to the balls last night!
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    By Charlie Gorham.
    best realistic cock ever, will make your ass nut for sure...this cock rocks and will knock your rocks off without touching at times if you allow it to do so...i crave this cock in my ass sometimes five or more times a day, it makes you want to ride it deep and long
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    By Hot Hole.
    Goes really DEEP and feels really GOOD!
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    By steve balzac.
    this monster gets my nutt every fucking time. makes me cum harder and longer. a+++++++++++
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    By Sexallent Dude.
    Love love love this dildo....I recommend it highly
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    By Jon Salter.
    Yeah I have one too & it is great. Very satisfying, yum.
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