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9-row Prick Spiked Wartenburg Wheel
$25.00 $18.95
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9-row Prick Spiked Wartenburg Wheel
9-row Prick Spiked Wartenburg Wheel 9row Prick Spiked Wartenburg Wheel

Roll hundreds of tiny pin pricks across his skin with one sweep!

The Prick packs nine rows of tiny spikes very close together. As it rolls across his skin dozens of spikes will be in contact with him at any one time. It's a great tool to break out when you've got him tied down and blindfolded.

9-row Prick Spiked Wartenburg Pinwheel Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 5.25 inches in total length, wheel measures 075 inches in diameter
  • Material: ABS plastic, metal
  • Color: Black
  • Features 10 rows of pins for evenly distributed sensations
  • Handle is ergonomically curved for comfort in the hand


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