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8oz Nuru Body to Body Massage Gel
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8oz Nuru Body to Body Massage Gel

This unique gel is slippery and uniquely stringy.

If you're doing this massage gel right, you apply it just after getting out of the shower without drying off. It's meant to be used in a hot, slippery, steamy environment. The more it dries the stringier it gets, keeping you and your dude connected slick strands of gel.

Since it's water-based, it cleans off easily with soap and water. Its odorless and non-staining. A little water will help thin it out if it's getting too thick.

We sell an inflatable massager sheet to go with this. It's has raised inflatable sides that allow you to get messy without any fluids spilling over the five inch walls. We highly recommend it for nuru massage and more.

8oz Nuru Body to Body Massage Gel Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 8 fl oz
  • Color: Clear
  • Creates new sensations and textures for partners during play and massage
  • Note: For best results, cover bed with vinyl sheet. Shower but do not dry off. Apply Nuru Gel one handful at a time, adding warm water as desired to reach the desired consistency.


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