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8-Speed Turbo Pearl Wand Massager
$85.00 $66.95
(21% off)

8-Speed Turbo Pearl Wand Massager
8-Speed Turbo Pearl Wand Massager 8Speed Turbo Pearl Wand Massager 8Speed Turbo Pearl Wand Massager
Wand Massager Masturbation Sleeve -Firm Add Wand Massager Masturbation Sleeve -Firm $24.95

Bird of Paradise Prostate Wand Attachment Add Bird of Paradise Prostate Wand Attachment $12.00 $9.49

Go to maximum intensity instantly when you hold the turbo button.

With 8 speeds you can find the perfect vibration level, but if you need to intensify the feelings you can hit the turbo button to kick it to maximum power! The turbo button is a great way to push your partner over the edge. The power levels range from 3000rpm to 8000rpm. Since this massager has a power cord, you never have to worry about batteries, and it's much more powerful than standard massagers. Of all our massagers, this one wins the most style points for its retro pearlescent finish. For usage suggestions check out our guide:

The Man's Guide to Wand Massagers

Wand massagers aren't just for chicks. If you know how to use them, they're capable of delivering incredible sexual stimulation. The vibrators on them are way more powerful that anything you're going to get on a traditional vibrating toy. You'd be amazed how a powerful vibration can make you feel when used right. Here are our suggested uses:

  • Stimulate his balls and taint while you suck him off. With a powerful vibrator against his taint, he'll cum more intensely than ever before.
  • Turbocharge your butt plugs by pressing the wand against the base of the butt plug. They don't make vibrating plugs this powerful.
  • Add a curved attachment (AC318) to reach his prostate. Direct all that incredible power at his prostate.
  • Add the masturbator sleeve (AA467) for an incredible orgasm. It doesn't look like it should work, but it's amazing. The only drawback is that you might cum too quickly.
  • Tie your partner up and use the intense stimulation to pleasure and torment him.
  • Wand massagers make a great present for straight people and lesbians. It shows that you care, and accept their strange ways.
  • 8-Speed Turbo Pearl Wand Massager Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 12.25" in total length, Head is 2" long and 7.25" in circumference
  • Material: TPR, ABS
  • Designed for 110v outlets
  • Dazzling pearl color gives the wand a visual appeal
  • Use the boost button for a burst of vibration
  • Create your own rhythmic vibration pattern with repeated button presses


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