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7 Inch Silver Slim Vibe
$12.50 $9.95
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7 Inch Silver Slim Vibe
7 Inch Silver Slim Vibe 7 Inch Silver Slim Vibe 7 Inch Silver Slim Vibe 7 Inch Silver Slim Vibe

Probe inside with this classic vibe!

This is a classic powerful vibrator. It's skinny, so easy to use for penetration and long enough that you can use it to hit that perfect spot. You might also find that the vibrations help you relax and ease it in. You can also hold it pressed up against your taint while you jack off for a more intense masturbation experience.
Just keep in mind that this is not a hands-free vibrator. There's no base to keep it from slipping all the way in, so do not let go.

Silver Slim Vibe Specifications:

  • 1 inch in diameter
  • 7" total length, 6" insertable length.
  • Requires 2-AA batteries (Not Included)

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Best toy for beginners
By NuRider22.
This is the best toy to use for beginners. It is hard and smooth so it goes in and comes out easy. Perfect for you to start stretching your hole if you're not used to bottoming. It vibrates at different speeds and the sensation is nice. Its a good price and pretty durable. I would suggest using it with a condom so you dont wear out the silver polish. I'm absolutely satisfied. Its the best toy i ever bought. no regrets. ;-)
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By James Lee.
It's easy to use and clean. And it's perfect size and it vibrates well.
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By anon me.
Who is the model?
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