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12pc Cupping Kit

12pc Cupping Kit
12pc Cupping Kit 12pc Cupping Kit

Create new sensations for you and your partner with the 12pc Cupping Kit!

This 12pc Deluxe Cupping kit offers you and your partner the chance for a pleasurable and sensual cupping experience. Using the air handle, you can place the cup on your partner's body and create a vacuum. The sensations your partner feels can drive him over the edge. You can then remove the handle and the cup will stay in place thanks to the suction on the skin.

12pc Deluxe Cupping Kit Specs:

  • Sizes: Includes 2 cups of each of the following inside diameters: 0.625", 1", 1.25", 1.625", 2" and 2.25".
  • The kit includes 12 cups and one hand pump
  • Simply place the cup over the skin and create a gentle suction
  • Can be used for massage treatment or as part of a BDSM session
  • Note: Use care and caution for premium stimulation


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