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10pk Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs
$39.90 $26.95
(32% off)

10pk Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs
10pk Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs 10pk Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs

That's officer to you!

Save 32% off with this kit versus purchasing 10 separate zip cuffs.

With 10 zip tie cuffs you can live out your fantasy of abusive authority all the time. Zip tie his wrists, ankles, and them zip tie those ties for a zip tie hogtie. They aren't permanent, and can be released for reuse; but he won't be able to work the release while all tied up. With a ten pack you're ready to manhandle multiple perps at a moment's notice.

Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs- 10 Pack Specifications:

  • Measurements: Adjustable from 8 to 4 inches in circumference
  • Material: Plastic
  • Note: Kit includes 10 zip tie cuffs


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